Cushions for Antiques Roadshow

IMG_1923The last few weeks I have been busy project managing and hand finishing a set of embroidered velvet cushions for the BBC’s ‘Antiques Roadshow’, aided by my friend, the wonderfully talented Marion (with Fiona and me) and embroidered by Nicky at http://spectrumpp.co.uk/ So big grey and red ones for a new bench and lots of small ones for displaying jewellery and watches and yesterday we delivered them to Tewkesbury Abbey where they were shooting a show, and within a matter of moments they were on set and being filmed – rather exciting!

A perfect day –  the cushions looked fab and got lots of compliments and the sun shone all day long!


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  1. Wow, they (and you) look fantastic! another exciting project, well you and Marion! X

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